Is Silicone Plastic? What is food grade silicone?

Is silicone plastic? The short answer is no. Unlike plastic, silicone is made of sand (raw material silica and carbon) and not synthetic polymers. Unlike plastic, food grade silicone is also free of BPA, BPS, latex and other chemical additives therefore far safer than using regular plastic tupperware.

Silicone (unlike plastic) is a chemically stable material, making it safe for various uses including food storage (food grade silicone) and even medical supplies (medical grade silicone).

Why food grade silicone is better (and more eco-friendly) than plastic

    • unlike plastic, silicone is an extremely flexible and durable material
    • non toxic- food grade silicone does not contain BPA, BPS, phthalates or latex
    • does not crack, peel or brittle over time
    • resistant to deep freezing and high temperatures (cooking safe)
    • food grade silicone has plastic like functionality without toxic additives

What is food grade silicone?

Food grade silicone is a type of silicone manufactured in accordance to food contact safety. What does it mean? Food grade silicone does not contain same fillers which aren't safe for contact with food. The fillers are used in order to lower manufacturing cost, therefore food grade silicone material is a lot more expensive than the industrial "equivalent". In order for the silicone product to be considered "food grade", these must first be tested government body such as FDA (USA) and LFGB (European equivalent). 


Our reusable freezer bags are made of highly flexible and lightweight food-grade silicone, making them an excellent alternative to single use plastic ziplock bags.

These are not only food-grade certified but also hold the highest European food grade testing certificates (LFGB) meaning that materials used are higher than some of the cheap alternatives.