Every Purchase You Make WE PLANT A TREE!

Yuggen’s goal is to inspire people to protect the environment by helping them reduce their waste footprint. We believe that we can change the world one reusable ziplock bag at the time!

However, we're not satisfied with simply reducing the amount of plastic we use, we want to do more for the planet by also combating world’s deforestation and extreme poverty.

Every single purchase of yuggen bags will not only make the difference by reducing single-use plastic waste, but will now also plant a tree

in Madagascar, Indonesia or Nepal!

This project helps to lift people out of extreme poverty by providing jobs replanting trees and rebuilding local economies while protecting the environment and rebuilding natural habitat for many endangered animals. It all starts by hiring the local villagers to plant trees, giving them a decent income so they can provide for their families again.

To combat those issues, we have partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects whose goal is to plant a minimum of 100 million trees each year and to offer hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where poverty is rampant. We have now become a proud contributor!

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