Insanely Easy Hummus Made 100% Without a Pod or Blender!

How many of us are just so busy that end up guilty of living on one meal a day? This is until the day that we finally find a spare second and decide to make some real food but the thought of the dirty pods pile ultimately discourages us from cooking?

We have a good news for you! Underneath you can find a recipe, showing you how you can make a delicious paste using a single reusable ziplock bag with no blender at all! Sounds too good? What if we told you that this also includes the bit of cooking and storing, and all you will need to turn the ingredients into hummus is your own hands?

Check out below!

250g of dried chickpeas (2 cans of chickpeas

2 tablespoons of tahini paste

4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon of dried garlic powder (alternatively if you wish to use the fresh one- 3 crushed garlic cloves)

2 teaspoons of crushed Himalayan salt

pepper to flavour

Place the dried chickpeas in your small size yuggen bag. Fill it with water up to the 'max' bar point. Seal and leave overnight. Place the bag inside a pod 3/4 filled with water. Make sure to remove the ziplock and drain the water from inside the bag. Bring water to boil and then turn down to the medium heat- make sure it still boils. Cook until soft.

Remove the bag from the pod (be careful- the bag will be hot!), let cool down. Add all the ingredients, bent in half to remove all the excessive air and... start squeezing the bag's content until combined and smooth. The chickpeas will be soft and easily squeezable- it will also mix the content so there is no need for either blender or using any extra containers! After using the paste, seal the ziplock and place it in the fridge!



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