This is How you Can Protect Endangered Species This Earth Day!

This earth day is all about protecting our species and we are determined to lend a hand but we can’t do it alone. Let’s make a change together!

Since our launch in 2018, replanting trees became a little mission of ours. Because what’s more satisfying than giving back not only to the community but also our planet?

Our project not only helps to lift people out of extreme poverty but also rebuilds natural habitat for many endangered animals such as Sumatran tiger, Orangutan, Clouded leopards and many more. Restoring their natural habitat is crucial. Unfortunately the extent of human lead destruction has left acres of land barren for years, pushing wildlife to retreat to what forests are left. Places like Madagascar now remain only 10% of it’s original forests remaining today whilst being home for 75% of species that don’t live anywhere else on the planet!

A few key points you should know about:

Our daily actions make the biggest impact. Make Earth day everyday. The power is in your hands! Are you ready to ?

Want to learn more about our tree planting mission and how it helps the endangered species? Read the blog.

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