Five Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste Immediately!

We all know that we need to reduce our waste but easier said than done, right? As there is a lot of information out there, we found it incredibly easy to overwhelm ourselves! Here’s our little guide on how you can make a massive difference by taking these five little steps!

Bringing your own reusable shopping bag seems quite obvious right? Whilst most of us agree, we are sorry that we have to say it too but- avoiding single-use products as much as possible is crucial. However this should include ALL the single-use plastic bags. Next time you dispose of that innocent-looking plastic ziplock baggie- remember that every single use product has a harmful impact on our planet! Believe it or not, but those ziplock bags have their eco-friendly alternatives too- check out yourself!

Have you ever thought of getting yourself one of those fancy bottles that everyone carries around? It’s your turn! Looking at the statistics, an average person throws away almost 200 plastic bottles every single year and this doesn’t even include all of those single-use coffee cups! Whilst a new study shows that only 9% of all the plastic ever produced was recycled! If you feel overwhelmed by these statistics- get yourself a nice reusable bottle, or/and a coffee cup if you love your coffee as much as we do! Time to ditch single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups for good!

Simple, but effective! Anyone who ever used paper towels knows how quickly they go… and this is not helping our planet either- every single day, 51,000 trees are required to meet the daily demand just for the single-use paper towels! This is insane! Not to mention all the money you could have saved… we must admit that the kitchen towels look simply smarter too!

You will be amazed by the variety of choices of materials of reusable straws! A quick online search will provide you with hundreds of options available to you right away! Place it in your bag and next time you order that drink at the bar simply say ‘no straw, please’. It is really that simple! If everyone did that for just one single day- we would save 500 million drinking straws just in America! This amount would fill over 125 school buses... I don’t know what about you, but count me in!

Buying fruit and vegetables from your local farmer's markets helps support local agriculture and reduce carbon emissions of the food sourced. Farmer’s markets could be a great way to both reduce your waste and save your money! Most of them sell food in bulk, without any unnecessary packaging- making it more environmentally friendly!

Enjoy your fresh food!

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