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Since I can remember, we always loved the idea of the zero-waste lifestyle but struggled with its practicality. It always felt somehow unachievable for us as individuals. As students, we were commuting, and spending a lot of time away.

Back then I already stopped counting the amount of glass jars/containers that broke or overloaded bags that ripped. We were trying to be those perfect eco-warrior, but if I am being totally honest, we struggled A LOT.

We were looking for better alternatives that would be convenient but better for the planet. Plastic was a big NO but there was no solution that seemed suitable for our lives “on the go”. Glass was too heavy and breakable. And there was also that leakage/ versatility problem… so we decided to create a product that would meet all the criteria and solve a real problem. The idea for our silicone ziplock bags was born. A real everyday product for everyday people who want a better sustainable future. Something that is durable, better for your health but also affordable.


Since our first launch on Amazon USA, we received many rave reviews from happy customers, but we didn’t leave it there. After many requests, we decided to expand and bring the bags over to the U.K.

It is not always pretty or perfect but it has been a real joy to watch our products making a difference. Every single customer of ours felt like one step closer to the change we want to see in the World. We found a potential where our products could not only reduce tones of plastic waste but also help to reverse deforestation. We have now planted over 10000 trees and still counting!

So this is how it became a little mission of ours. We are not some big company with dozens of employees and specialists working on some new catchy marketing campaigns... we are everyday people and a small family run business who tries to make a difference. We are learning as we grow and your support really means the World to us!


Since we started our journey- the amount of support we received is simply overwhelming and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU for making our tree planting mission possible!


Andrew & Nicole

Founders of Yuggen